Adire also known as  Kampala is a popular attire worn by the yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria in West Africa, emerged from Abeokuta city in Ogun state.
My mom has some nice Adire in her wardrobe and she doesn’t  seem to wear them anymore. The funniest part is my dad also has an Agbada of the same kampala and he wears his on special occasion but mom doesn’t want to wear hers anymore I perceived she’s not a fan of Adire but a huge fan of Ankara.


On a bright Sunday afternoon, I was at home surfing the internet trying to get some facts about this Adire and I have been hoping to get a nice one some day because its sorta difficult to get a very lovely one here. She called me to arrange some clothes for her and I sighted this Adire wrapper. I begged her to give me the adire even though the Adire looked so rumpled and it looked like ”nothing good was going to come out of Nazareth”
I took it to my tailor’s shop and asked her to sew a simple style with the wrapper. I’m glad it turned out to be great and I loved how my mom smiled when she saw me slay the outfit. MY MOM’S WRAPPER TURNED TO A BE GREAT AND LOVED GOWN.
I have a lot of cloth I have been eyeing in both my dad and mom’s wardrobe though and I also wish to travel to Abeokuta someday to get a beautiful Adire and also visit the mighty Olumo rock.
Gown: Larrysmart clothing
Sandals: Soles_by_towbea on IG
Kindly comment on how good you can turn any of your mom’s outfit into.
Thanks for stopping by the blog. Enjoy your day while it lasts. XOXO432c0a85-9e50-4763-b19b-3c75d9ccd08d.jpg




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