This ramadan break isn’t long like I expected but anyways I really enjoyed the break with my family and old friends.IMG_20170627_073831
There’s this pair of trouser I love, although, it already looks old to me but I don’t want to abandon it anytime soon, because, it’s one of my best thrifted item. And then, I decided to style it to Gucci design.
Gucci is a classy and known brand. Virtually everyone wants to rock the design be it floral, dragon, bee, pineapple etc, on cap, cloth, tee, shoe, trouser, bag, belt, etc. Let’s be blunt, not all of us could afford it at times but you can create something on your own out of nothing.
Gucci embroideryIMG_20170627_071635

The outfit you want to work onIMG_20170627_072008_3CS


Get your trouser perfectly laid on a flat surface.IMG_20170627_072008_3CS

Place the Gucci embroidery on the surface you want perfectly.IMG_20170627_072122_3CS
Use a hot iron to press the surfaceIMG_20170627_072244_3CS

Your Gucci trouser is ready to wear.

PS: I hope you got something from this.
Have a wonderful day. XOXOIMG_20170627_103928_879







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