Yeah *insert the dancing emoji* I can’t believe that my blog is a month old *feeling like a chocolate dipped in 24k gold* being consistent isn’t an easy thing but I’m glad I conquered my fear. I’m also saying a big thanks to my lovelies who visit my blog often, you guys are the realest G and I want you to know that I love you unconditionally. Well, I have been through a lot of things and I have been up to many things lately.

WISHING: I could travel to the north for summer break to eat a lot of kilishi and fura. Also, the exchange rate should just drop so I could get a new phone and camera.


WEARING: Black short and an oversized sweater.

DETERMINE TO: Hit the gym before this year runs out *so help me God*.

CRAVING: Chicken burger and M & M chocolate. I hope someone gets me that before the end of this month. 

ADMIRING: Some lifestyle and fashion bloggers. They’re inspiring me and I’m loving them. 

IRRITATED BY: How people on social media beef someone they haven’t even met in person. I’m sorta pissed about this thing because I don’t know how best I can explain myself but the thing is I can never please everybody 100%.

READING: GNS 212 I have the test tomorrow morning.


APPRECIATING: The real friends that stay with me through thick and thin *they know themselves*.

ANTICIPATING: My faculty and department cultural day and dinner. And I hope I don’t change my mind about the dinner any time soon.

NEW CRUSH: Kendrick Lamar. DNA got me like….. that’s my ring tone tho.


WORD FOR THE DAY: The best way to be happy is to create your own happiness by loving what you are doing.

Kindly drop a comment about your life lately.

Love u XOXO


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