Yo favorites! Guess who is gonna be a year older and better by this time next month (inserts the dance emoji). I am really overwhelmed right now I feel like it is SEPTEMBER 21 already. Birthday comes but once in a year. Another birthday is an opportunity for your loved ones to celebrate you.



DIGITAL CAMERA: if this is not the top on my wish list then I don’t know why I am sharing my birthday wishlist. Camera is the greatest essential as a blogger. It is only bloggers that don’t have one understands the struggle.
PS: It could be canon, nikon, sony or samsung trust me anything goes, I’m gonna appreciate it. 


Moh Visuals 20170508_195701


PHONE: Only my friends knows how I feel as I write this, I am seriously in need of a good phone specifically iPhone,samsung or sony. Any phone apart from these is not gonna quench my thirst. Taking pictures of flatlays or random pictures and editing with nice applications on these phones is heaven.




PLACES I WOULD LOVE TO EAT: There is no coldstone ice cream or domino’s pizza in illy city but there is hatlab, kfc, chronicles, chicken republic etc. It is not bad if I get a quick morning breakfast, lunch or dinner. I know some would expect me to write fried rice with chicken and coleslaw. Oh no I gotta change my taste on that day not for any reason but because I have been craving them.



WRIST WATCH: The last one I had was a parting gift (Rolex), I got a Versace some months ago and it got stolen. I’ve been incomplete without my wrist watch for a while now.


Abiodun 20170820_182344

I believe wishes do come true. May God grant me my heart desires

If you were born in September kindly drop your birth day in the comment box.

Thanks for stopping by. And don’t forget to enjoy your Monday.


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