Happy new month favorite. I have been inconsistent since I started my second semester examination and now that I am home, I hope everything change and I sincerely apologize.
School is pervaded with stressors; classes, night readings, exams etc. I don’t know if I am the only one who cry about being tired of school and also miss school whenever we are on break or it is everyone. To the things I engage in during college break
Go to mom’s shop : Some would probably say I live a boring life but trust me it is not true perhaps I am used to it. While in shop, I forget I’m a “big girl” and become “iya alaje”  like people would say (GRIN). I remember back then when I used to hawk for mom but to be sincere I can’t do that now. Hustling with mom is the best thing I have ever done, though I get tired of running to and fro, supplying customers, trying to get laborers to convey goods to a place and whenever I remember how annoying some customers could be I get nauseated. You might be wondering what my mom sells, she sells provisions mostly soap in large quantities, you can contact me if you need any.
Fashion designing : I started this in my first year break. The first day I started is an unforgettable day. I was asked to run a sewing machine, I felt so awkward when the so called “seniors” were all gazing at me, I thought it was because I was the only one who applied a heavy make up, even my boss said he was going to open a makeup store because of me, they all laughed hysterically. I felt more embarrassed when I couldn’t run it well, as I was running it, I was moving my body like oh no I was being controlled by the machine. With time, I was able to run it excellently. A week after, I had two “juniors” and I got along with every one later on.
Go to the cinema : The only day I get to spend time alone or with friends is on Saturdays and Sundays. I only attend choir rehearsal on Saturdays, I don’t go to work on Saturdays.
Thrift items: The best time I get to thrift and get satisfied is when school is on break. Money is always at hand. Watch out for my new post on the latest items I thrifted.
WORD FOR THE DAY: Don’t let little things weigh you down, you are a champion, you can do anything you believe you can.

What have you been up to since you’ve been on break? 

Thank you for reading through. Have a ducky day. 




  1. Amaka says:

    At least you’re more active than me. All I’ve done for the past 2 weeks is eat, sleep, read blogs, edit my blog, write blog posts, take blog pictures, and feel frustrated. All these things have been done inside my house. No going to cinema or all that, no thrifting because #brokegirlproblems lol! I understand you with the learning to sew and moving your body with the sewing machine! When I was learning sewing, there was a lady like that too in my class haha. The first day was petrifying. Can’t wait to see your thrift haul post though!

    Liked by 1 person

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